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From Charlevoix to Kamouraska, discover the results of our collaborations with fabulous and talented local artisans!


Blown Glass Oil Dispenser

Looking for a new companion to join you in your culinary adventures? The A & J Métissage Oil Dispenser will surely please you with its lightweight and ease of use.

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Utensil Holder / Wine Cooler

Want to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen? The Ateliers Charlevoix Utensil Holder / Wine Cooler will impress your guests with its versatility and remarkable beauty.

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NU Savons Naturels

Looking for comfort? Theses soaps from Nu Savons Naturels will give your body a dose of well-being.

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LOVE Duo Spoon Set

Atelier La Louve's LOVE Duo Spoon Set is ideal for salads of all kinds and are beautiful objects that show your love for your guests and the pleasures of the table.

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Pastry spatula

Atelier La Louve's Pastry Spatula is sure to elicit "wows" at brunch or dessert time and is perfect for serving quiches, pies and cakes.

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Meet our collaborators

A & J Métissage

Two designers: Amélie Lucier and Julien Mongeau. Two materials: ceramic and glass.

When two designers, two materials and two passions meet, we talk about crossbreeding. To the fusion of glass, they add the fusion of their ideas and their sensibility. To the kneading of clay, they add the shape of their own way of seeing things.

Creating unique, attractive and original objects is their way of seeing things. From their eyes to yours.

Photo credits: Caroline Perron

Les Ateliers CHarlevoix

Les Ateliers Charlevoix, a quality artisanal pottery workshop, offering you everything for the kitchen; from mugs to oil dispensers, to bottles of maple syrup! A must-see in Quebec!

This workshop sits atop the village of Saint-Irénée, located between Baie-Saint-Paul and La Malbaie, on the St. Lawrence River road. Established since 1985, it features Stéphane Bouchard's exclusive Raku (Japanese cooking method) and functional pottery, as well as a brand new line, Signature N, created by Nancy Giguère. This collection of jewellery and textiles will leave you speechless! An art gallery also displays recent paintings by painter Marc DeBlois.

Nu Savons Naturels

Handmade in Quebec City, their soaps are made using the traditional cold saponification method with natural, plant-based ingredients. Each ingredient has a special place in their recipes in order to fully express its properties. In addition to a minimalist range of fragrances, their curiosity and interest in research and development leads them to create ephemeral seasonal products.

Their conception of sustainable development is also to produce in small quantities according to the evolution of their needs, and this without generating waste. They have at heart the development of a local and environmentally friendly economy, that's why all their packaging is also minimalist and recyclable.

Naked because there is nothing else but soap.

Atelier La Louve

La Louve is a young company based in the Laurentides that creates objects and kitchen accessories made with 100% recycled wood. Each piece is unique and handmade with love and care.

For Maison Orphée, La Louve has swapped white for black, our signature color for 40 years now!

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