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Why choose our corporate offers?

> Delivery and packaging costs included*.

> Turnkey from order to delivery

> A healthy and tasty gift that appeals to a wide audience

> Products selected and manufactured here by a committed company

> Exclusives not found in stores

*In major locations in Quebec. Inquire for other locations.

Festive mustard trio - $30

Three delicious mustards to enhance cold cuts, sandwiches or to concoct homemade vinaigrettes.

- Organic Yellow Mustard with Turmeric (250 ml)

- Organic Dijon Mustard (250 ml)

- Caviar Style Mustard (250 ml)

Trio of vinaigrettes - $30

A selection of three of our vinaigrettes made with virgin oil and condiments produced in Quebec City. Simple ingredients in tasty combinations.

- Dijon and Maple Vinaigrette (250 ml)

- Greek Vinaigrette (250 ml)

- Olive and Balsamic Vinaigrette (250ml)

Trio of Flavoured Oils - $50

The darlings that please every time. Pressed olives with basil, garlic or lemons make fine oils that taste like sunshine!

- Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250 ml)

- Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250 ml)

- Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250 ml)

Our Classics Gift Set - $50

Four of our most popular products. The essentials to spice up your everyday cooking. Salads, pastas, stir-fries and sandwiches will be enhanced by our carefully selected classics.

- Fine Grey Sea Salt (250 g)

- Delicate Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500 ml)

- Organic Balsamic Vinegar (500 ml)

- Organic Dijon mustard (250 ml)

Exquisite Quatuor Gift Set - $55

A selection that offers a little extra flavour for the gourmet cook. Perfect for a touch of refinement in your daily culinary creations!

- White Balsamic Vinegar (500 ml)

- Organic Balanced Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500 ml)

- Fleur de Sel (125 g)

- Organic Old Fashioned Mustard (250ml)

Gourmet Gift Set - $70

A selection of our most appreciated classics at Maison Orphée. Versatile condiments for true olive oil lovers.

- Extra virgin olive oil with basil (250 ml)

- Fruity Green Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500 ml)

- Organic balsamic vinegar (500 ml)

- Fleur de Sel (125 g)

- Organic Dijon Mustard (250 ml)

Deluxe Gift Set - $100

Here's a great selection of oils and condiments that will allow aspiring chefs to make Maison Orphée a signature product to celebrate every meal.

- Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250 ml)

- Hazelnut Oil (250 ml)

- Organic Red Wine Vinegar (500 ml)

- Organic balsamic vinegar (500 ml)

- Organic Balanced Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500 ml)

- Fleur de Sel (125 g)

- Organic Dijon mustard (250 ml)

Limited quantities. Order now!

Contact us today to find out more about the terms and conditions or to order your corporate gifts!

Please note that a minimum quantity of 15 corporate gifts is required.

Phone: 1 800 667-1530

Email: info@maisonorphee.com

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