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Nu Savons Naturels

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Reduce food waste,
one fragrance at a time

*Only available online*.

These soaps are the result of a beautiful collaboration with Nu Savons Naturels which has revalorized vegetable oil that does not meet our quality standards in order to handcraft soaps with oh so comforting fragrances!

Developed especially for Maison Orphée, these fragrances will bring back pleasant memories. These soaps will scent your body with a dose of well-being. These fragrances perfectly reflect the essence of our collaboration with this beautiful local company.

Perfect for treating your loved ones (or yourself) while reducing food waste and ensuring local and responsible sourcing!

About Nu Savons Naturels

Handmade in Quebec City, their soaps are made using the traditional cold saponification method with natural and vegetable ingredients. Each ingredient has a special place in their recipes in order to fully express its properties, without superfluous. In addition to a minimalist range of fragrances, their curiosity and interest in research and development pushes them to create ephemeral seasonal products that respond to the inspiration of the moment.

Their concept of sustainable development is also to produce in small quantities according to their changing needs, without generating waste. They have at heart the development of a local and environmentally friendly economy, which is why all their packaging is also minimalist and recyclable.

Naked because there is nothing else but soap.

Visit the Nu Savons Naturels website

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