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Feb. 14, 2024


With a harmonious blend of tanginess and heat, these pickled onions will elevate your everyday meals, serving as a versatile condiment or topping. Go ahead and try this recipe; it will undoubtedly become a staple in your kitchen.

Jan. 31, 2024

"Girl dinner" spaghetti

After a hectic day, whether in the office or at home managing numerous tasks, finding the energy for an elaborate meal can be challenging. But fear not! Here's a simple dish suggestion, drawing inspiration from the TikTok trend of "Girl Dinner," to help you unwind without sacrificing hours in the kitchen. 

Jan 15, 2024

Virgin sauce

The sauce vierge, or virgin sauce, is a bit like the French version of Mexican salsa. This simple sauce, of Provençal origin, complements well most fish or seafood dishes. Served cold or hot, the classic version includes four ingredients: tomatoes, olive oil, lemon juice and fresh basil, but nothing stops you if you want to add a twist to it!
15 minutes or less / Side dish / Pantry / Delicate organic extra virgin olive oil / Delicate extra virgin olive oil

Oct. 11, 2023

White chocolate ganache with basil olive oil

Introducing a daring white chocolate ganache with basil olive oil. This simple sweet preparation will find many uses in your kitchen: as a spread on sourdough bread, to garnish your pastries or, as in this case, to make a seasonal fruit tart.

August 10, 2023

Gremolata with olive oil and lemon

This classic Italian condiment is a bit like the cousin of Argentinian chimichurri sauce. Simple and composed of only three elements, this fresh and tasty garnish will brighten up your meat dishes, but goes just as well with fish dishes, poultry or even vegetarian recipes.

June 6, 2023

coconut oil savoury crumble

What’s better than a crunchy touch to spice up a salad! This sweet, salty and spicy topping will bring the perfect touch of texture to all your salads.  

May 11, 2023

Chili Crunch Spicy Oil with Sesame Oil

Recipe from our collection "Le garde-manger Maison Orphée" in collaboration with Esther Samson Preparation time ...

Apr. 13, 2023

Dijonnaise 3 ways

Dijonnaise is a classic sauce that requires a little work, but did you know that you can create an approximation of it easily and quickly with mayonnaise and Dijon mustard? It goes great with grilled meats, Chinese fondues, burgers, salads and fries.

March 10, 2023

Romesco sauce with roasted red bell pepper and olive oil

The easy, vitamin-packed Spanish sauce you can't live without!

Feb 16, 2023

Chimichurri sauce with fresh herbs

The most versatile Argentinian sauce for all your grilled meat, fish and vegetable recipes!
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