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New range of fresh mayonnaises, 100% natural, without preservatives.

The authentic taste of mayonnaise like at home!

Maison Orphée has been known for years for its delicious virgin oils and condiments. The quality of our products and the care we put in proposing local products that are environmentally friendly and good for health are no longer to be demonstrated. 

After many requests from you and several years of research and development, we offer you our brand new range of fresh mayonnaises all as delicious as the products you already love. 

What is fresh mayonnaise?

One Fresh Mayonnaiseis a home-style mayonnaise filled with fresh, natural ingredients. You'll find them in the refrigerated produce section of your favourite supermarkets. Their recipes contain no colouring, no preservatives and, most importantly, no EDTA.

Real mayonnaise

In most conventional mayonnaises found on regular supermarket shelves, preservatives such as EDTA are often used. EDTA is a chemical additive that aims at the stability of a product and allows to sell these at room temperature.

Our commitment at Maison Orphée is to offer products as close as possible to the recipes you cook at home, thus without EDTA. Our fresh mayonnaises have a lifetime of one year thanks to perfectly natural ingredients! Lemon juice and organic cider vinegar allow optimum storage to guarantee the life and freshness of our products. In addition, our deodorized first-pressure sunflower oil is the first ingredient. We do not use refined oils or any sugar or spices. 

We decided to sell our mayonnaises in refrigerated section to guarantee their quality and their preservation. Indeed, when you make mayonnaise at home, do you keep it on your kitchen counter? Neither do we. 

Products made in Quebec City 

In the mayonnaise market, most products are made in the United States or by American companies. When you decide to eat our fresh mayonnaise, you are making the choice to not only buy products filled with natural ingredients but also to eat locally. We are very proud to be able to offer you products made from such beautiful ingredients that meet our promise of flavor and that are made right here in Quebec City. 

Where can I find these products?

You can get it in the refrigerated section, near the fruits and vegetables, at your local grocer, supermarkets and health food stores.

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